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I want to direct #PEN15show

A couple years ago I met a lovely English fellow at a film festival where I was showing my short BEAT AROUND THE BUSH. Said fellow had missed my screening but really, really, (REALLY), wanted to see it. So he said “I will bribe you by giving you this super secret pilot presentation link to a Hulu show called PEN15 that isn’t out yet”.

Well, that 17 minute pilot presentation was my freaking jam. I probably watched it 47 times (or more, let’s be honest).

This past February the entire first season was released complete with an episode about the main characters Maya & Anna – played by the 31-year-old co-creators – coming into possession of a thong. And oh bejeezus, it made me want to find the photo of one Jaime North in grade seven with me at the La Senza holding up one 100% cotton red thong. You bet your booty I bought it and wore that baby with so much ‘tude. 🍑

Instead of just finding the photo album, I digitized the Hi8 1999-2000 video archives of my youth. Here is my love letter/pitch video to the PEN15 team.

Watch my pitch!

If you haven’t watched season one yet, get on it! It’s been nominated for the Emmy’s. In Canada you can watch on CBC Gem. In the US it’s on Hulu. In other countries – I DON’T FREAKING KNOW. Ask Google.

Watch the PEN15 season 1 trailer ↑

I have a summer teen movie I’m supposed to be writing.

BEAT AROUND THE BUSH to play at the 18th Kerry Film Fest as part of the Nickel Film Festival’s 2017 curated short program

cliffs of mohr, brianne Nord-Stewart

Brianne Nord-Stewart getting way to close to the damn edge of the Cliffs of Mohr

Earlier this year, my short BEAT AROUND THE BUSH played at the Nickel Film Festival in St. John’s Newfoundland, and I’m excited that they have selected the film to showcase at the Kerry Film Festival in Ireland.

ireland cliffs of mohr

Somewhere in Ireland in 2011

Kerry Film Festival is an internationally recognized Irish Short Film Festival. The festival takes place in the picturesque town of Killarney, Co. Kerry in the south west of Ireland from the 19th-22nd of October 2017.

Highlights of the Kerry Film Festival include an international short film competition, a curated programme of features films, a showcase of Kerry talent, live film music events and niche film events in unique venues. Through our annual Film Festival and year-round programme of events including our Summer Open Air Cinema, our goal is to create new and exciting film experiences, create a hub of film creativity and appreciation in Kerry, champion the work of local and national emerging filmmakers and promote the county as a major filmmaking destination.

While I won’t be in attendance, I do love Ireland a wee bit. Or a big wee bit. Pictures included from my last (and only) visit.

The Kerry Film Festival runs October 19th-2nd, 2017.

Cliffs of Mohr, Brianne Nord-Stewart

Before there were cellphone selfies, there were point and shoot timers. Every solo traveller used them!

Shadows and Ghosts

On this very Friday afternoon, I am exporting a one minute film that, a week ago I didn’t know I was going to make.

Billy Crystal Fills the Silence

“Billy Crystal Fills the Silence”, 1 min 14 sec, 2014

I was asked by a University classmate of mine to make a no-budget film inspired by a piece of “un-illuminated news” –  something I thought should be more represented – from spring 2014, for the Denmark based film collective, The Current. They asked nine filmmakers from around the world to make a film based on this premise:

The Current is 9 attempts at alternative journalistic modes of communication, and 9 never before seen explorations of the news media this spring, 2014…Based on the idea that our world view originates from our often abstract emotional life, rather than from our rational thoughts, it is our mission to add to news media an extra dimension across the spoken and written word – doing so via creative and artistic cinematic solutions. 

My film, “Billy Crystal Fills the Silence”, was a culmination of many experiences and resources. It is much more serious in topic that all of my films, yet there is still humour and a question of the human experience.

“Billy Crystal Fills the Silence”, will be released on May 14, 2014 and will be available for free online. Check The Current’s FACEBOOK page for more information and to find more films.

In June, Hannah Epperson’s debut music video, “Shadowless“, directed by yours truly, will also be released online. But for now, you can enjoy 1 of 3 behind the scenes teasers – a taste of what it took to get the video made.

Have a great weekend!

There is no witty and appropriate title for the topic of “Killing”


While I typically focus on news about my own work here, it is after all the main page of my website about…ahem…myself, I’ve lately been backsliding into the Media History student mindset while consuming media work around me.

I would like to draw your attention to a theatre production/documentary involving an Australian Company in the Phillipines starring grade 9 actors, Kids Killing Kids.

A student is on his knees, begging the noisy crowd gathered on all sides for his life. If they vote for him to die, then the privilege of execution is given over to a competition winner, a lucky patron drawn from the audience earlier that evening. Night after night the scene is repeated, and each night the crowd is bigger, rowdier, and the contest for his life ever more grotesque.

It’s a scene from the stage version of Battle Royale, the infamous blood-soaked pulp novel by Japanese author Koushun Takami…The stage version was adapted for young Filipino theatre company Sipat Lawin by four Australian writers ‑ Sam Burns-Warr, Jordan Prosser, Georgie McAuley and David Finnigan.” – Read the entire article bu Andrew Furhman, AU Timeout, HERE

And then further to and a more widely known documentary film, The Act of Killing, Executive Produced by venerable director, Werner Herzog.


The Act of Killing is about killers who have won, and the sort of society they have built. Unlike ageing Nazis or Rwandan génocidaires, Anwar and his friends have not been forced by history to admit they participated in crimes against humanity. Instead, they have written their own triumphant history, becoming role models for millions of young paramilitaries. The Act of Killing is a journey into the memories and imaginations of the perpetrators, offering insight into the minds of mass killers. And The Act oKilling is a nightmarish vision of a frighteningly banal culture of impunity in which killers can joke about crimes against humanity on television chat shows, and celebrate moral disaster with the ease and grace of a soft shoe dance number.” – Read the full synopsis HERE

I have yet to watch either of these production and I will likely only see The Art of Killing unless by some miracle Kids Killing Kids goes on tour or I find myself back in Australia in the immediate future, but I have a feeling these works are very similar in a discussion and dissection of human nature, and human behaviour given certain circumstances. I’m excited yet also fearful of what might be uncovered.

I wanted to share these two pieces because two of the Australian writers behind Kids Killing Kids, Jordan Prosser & Sam Burns-Warr, happened to be classmates and/or good friends of mine while I studied film in Melbourne in 2008 – and both crewed and had small cameos in my short film, Why I Fired My Secretary. The 13 other people in that class are some of the most dedicated and talented filmmakers I have had the pleasure to meet, and working with them on dozens of films in the 10 months I was there was a major influence on the quality and confidence I have in my own work.

I highly encourage everyone to follow the theatre and film work of both Jordan and Sam who collaborate more often than not. They are writers, directors actors and well, annoyingly talented. They have a number of hilarious comedic videos you can tickle your fancy with as well so follow them on as they are freaking intelligent, extremely entertaining, and if nothing else, “really really good looking.”

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First time for everything: Cheese Rolling!

About a month ago I said yes to produce a video showcasing the 2013 Canadian Cheese Rolling Festival in Whistler, BC.

The video was shot on a Saturday and delivered by midnight the same day. A Cam, B Cam, a producer and an editor. I wish we could have put in some of the more epic tumbles!

In case you are interested in trying cheese rolling next year, the winner gets 2 season passes to Whistler Blackcomb and the 11 pound wheel of cheese!

Find out more at

Watch scenes from Brianne’s work!

Due to distribution agreements, developments on projects and other, some of my work is unavailable online. But, fear not, I’ve added a “Scenes” section to this website where you can catch a few extra glimpses of my work.

I have been doing a lot of comedy and will continue to do so, but I’ve included a little gem of a scene I workshopped in Melbourne, Australia from the 1998 feature film drama, “The Boys”.

Brianne is a special guest on a hilarious podcast

While in Edmonton for a family reunion and two weddings, I was invited to be a guest on the two year old comedy podcast, Hijacked Headspace, and discuss my show, “The Dangers of Online Dating“. I’m on Episode 78, to listen CLICK HERE and then click this podcast icon:




The hosts Reuben, George, and Jamie covered a range of subjects throughout the hour including, strategy while online dating, music, psychedelic mushrooms, yoga, Taco Bell, drinking, homosexuality, Sexual Transmitted Infections (STI), psoriasis, lubricants, whether to put your amateur porn online, and an ask and expert moment when I call my sexual health nurse sister, for an STI question.

I got to hand it to them for being so candid about some very intimate subject matter. And here I thought I was the liberal one. This hour long podcast is fun and informative and might help you get a few conversations rolling that are otherwise…Tricky.

You can follow them on Twitter @hijackedhead and check out 78+ podcasts at

Follow “The Dangers of Online Dating” on FACEBOOK, and on Twitter and Instagram @DOODthemovie

All things DOOD, Uranium, COUGARS and otherwise

This is Brianne coming to you live and direct!

So very many things have been on the go for me in the last few months.

DOOD-vimeo banner

My project The Dangers of Online Dating (DOOD), which I am directing and created, and co-wrote alongside Benjamin Larose, made it to the Top 40 of the Cinecoup Film Accelerator (a mould breaking method of financing) and was consistently in the Top 10 in the polls week to week. You can find out more about who the team is, where the idea cam from and why DOOD is relevant by watching the “Mission” videos we created each week. Although we are no longer in the running with Cinecoup, The Dangers of Online Dating is not dead. My producer throughout the Cinecoup process is Digital Media Producer Corey Tracey at Rival Schools and we are working full steam ahead with exciting possibilities on the horizon. Follow DOOD on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram – It’s totally worth it. I’ve been taking pictures of DOOD buttons on everybody’s chests.



In December I pitched a short film, Cougars Cruising, at the Whistler Film Festival. Cougars Cruising is an adventure comedy that follows three lively, enchanting, and passionate 70 year old women determined to unlock the key of sexual pleasure in their Golden years. Produced by Lianna Walden (Citizen Marc) and Kelvin Redvers (The Dancing Cop, CTV First Story), and edited by Lara Mazur (Arctic Air, Hiccups), this is an all-star team. But… I didn’t get that award either. It was bitter sweet as I was told I didn’t need another short film and that this should be a feature film. So that is where it is headed. First we will make the short with an amazing cast which includes award winning actresses Yvonne AdalianMary Black, and Gina Stockdale. It looks like we will be in production this summer. When I get a breather, the feature is next.


Caribou Concept Maquette by Matthew Aebig

The other monstrosity of a short film is With Cold Tongues(formerly titled Uranium) which is based on Dogrib Author Richard Van Camp’s short story, The Uranium Leaking From Port Radium and Rayrock Mines is Killing Us. Production on this will take place in Canada’s Northwest Territories in the Yellowknife area. Our producers include Pablo Saravanja and Jay Bulchaert of ArtLeSS Collective, and a new edition, Lesley Johnson. We have a stellar props designer/builder and Special Effects make up magician, Matthew Aebig, who is building us a life size zombie caribou, and creating this post apocalyptic world. Production and release date are TBA but you can keep updated on Facebook.

In October, I co-wrote and edited Kryshan Randel’s latest short film, Seasick, as part of the Bloodshots Canada 48 Hour Horror Filmmaking Competition, a competition that I won with Andy Thompson in 2010 for our short The Provider. In the next three weeks I will be going back to perfect our hasty 10 hour edit and get it ready for the horror film circuit which so loves Mr. Randel’s work. He has a cult following you know.

In other news, I wrote a feature film. Boy is that a crazy thing to say. The film is still in development, and is being produced by Genie Nominated producer, and one of the most awesome women I know, Amy Belling. We were shortlisted for the Telefilm Micro Budget Feature Film Award, and had been nominated by Cineworks, but we were not a finalist. Writing is re-writing and that is where we are at with it right now.

I have also been offered a position writing and editing an independent documentary TV series. Details on that will follow when all is confirmed.

This could be a very full summer in production. Or it may not be. Either way I will be writing lots, enjoying life, and working my butt off to better myself as a writer and a director.

Do you have something you want to pay me to direct, write or edit? CONTACT ME.

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Here’s how to help The Dangers of Online Dating win $1M and a distribution deal!

Hello to the wonderful folks who check out my website news feed. The time is NOW!
You wanted to see some of The Dangers of Online Dating?

Well for now, you get two minutes of it in as a trailer for DOOD as a feature film, which we are competing with as part of the CineCoup Film Accelerator. The Prize? ONE MILLION DOLLARS and a distribution deal with Cineplex.

Here’s the deal.

We (Team DOOD) have an extremely good chance to earn this funding. We say earn because we are proving the value of the project by showing there is a real audience ($$) that exists and will buy the finished film. This is money in the bank to a potential development partner. We also say earn because this is going to be work. Myself aka Brianne Nord-Stewart (Director/Writer), Benjamin Larose (Writer), and Corey Tracey (Producer) will be working our asses off over the next couple weeks and we will need YOU.

The Cinecoup Accelerator relies largely on social measurements. We need to build a social conversation and sustain it for 8weeks (Now 7 weeks more!). This is going to be critical.

Here are a few pointers:

    • please sign into the page with your Facebook account and rate the trailer with 10 stars. There are some teams deliberately rating their competition with 1star to try and offset really great ratings. So we need to make sure that we get as many 10 star ratings as possible.
      • please get your friends and families to do the same thing!
    • complete the CineCoup Fan Missions. These missions will allow you extra votes in the upcoming rounds. These missions include adding 5 movies to your watch list, connecting a twitter account, etc.
      • please get your friends and families to do the same thing!
    • follow @DOODtheMovie on twitter and tweet your support. Add the #dood hashtag and make sure you also add the @doodthemovie address. Retweet as many of our tweets as possible to make sure we reach a broad an audience.
      • please get your friends and families to do the same thing!
    • Facebook. Follow the FB page. Share the posts on your own timeline and like the posts to keep them active. Facebook has a smart algorithm that hides content posts that ppl are not talking about. So we need to make sure that there is legitimate conversation about our posts to keep them active – so that they do show up at the top of the timeline feed.
      • please get your friends and families to do the same thing!

Every week there will be a new challenge or Mission set out for the team. We will need your support, and we will definitely need you to follow the above steps each week.

We are currently TRENDING, which means that we are one of the top projects people are currently talking about. We need to keep it this way! That happens when people continue to comment and interact with the CineCoup page primarily. So keep up the good work commenting on the missions and challenges as they happen. Stay connected.

Oh and about that trailer…

Thank you to all of the amazing people who contributed to this project getting made before I even knew that this competition existed!

VANCOUVER Casting Call! FEMALES Late 60’s-80’s for my new short!

Cougars Cruising Casting Notice

Please pass this on to any Fabulous woman who may fit the part!

Download the PDF of the casting notice here: Cougars Cruising Casting Notice.pdf

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