Brianne is a special guest on a hilarious podcast

While in Edmonton for a family reunion and two weddings, I was invited to be a guest on the two year old comedy podcast, Hijacked Headspace, and discuss my show, “The Dangers of Online Dating“. I’m on Episode 78, to listen CLICK HERE and then click this podcast icon:




The hosts Reuben, George, and Jamie covered a range of subjects throughout the hour including, strategy while online dating, music, psychedelic mushrooms, yoga, Taco Bell, drinking, homosexuality, Sexual Transmitted Infections (STI), psoriasis, lubricants, whether to put your amateur porn online, and an ask and expert moment when I call my sexual health nurse sister, for an STI question.

I got to hand it to them for being so candid about some very intimate subject matter. And here I thought I was the liberal one. This hour long podcast is fun and informative and might help you get a few conversations rolling that are otherwise…Tricky.

You can follow them on Twitter @hijackedhead and check out 78+ podcasts at

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