“Runnin’ Away” Music Video for RYKKA (2017)

“Bad Boy” Music Video for RYKKA (2016)

“Bad Boy” is an Official Selection at the 18th Newport Beach Film Festival in California, April 20-27, 2017

“Movies” Music Video for RYKKA (2015)

“Shadowless” Music Video for Hannah Epperson (2015)

“Where Do Songs Come From” a short film for Hannah Epperson (2013)

Hannah had a unique video on her bucket list. She was required to create a “viral video” by the 2013 Peak Performance Project, for which she is in the Top 20! This is neither a music video for her song “Murder of Crows”, nor for the unreleased track “Brother” of which you get a wee taste of at the end. This is Brianne’s first directorial collaboration and it was a good ‘ol time! Follow Hannah Epperson in The Peak Performance Project. Do it! Directed by: Brianne Nord-Stewart & Hannah Epperson Story By: Hannah Epperson Cinematography by: Brianne Nord-Stewart Edited by: Brianne Nord-Stewart Hannah on: FACEBOOK      TWITTER     BANDCAMP

“Welcome to the Night” Music Video for The Autumn Portrait

“Drowning in You” Music Video for Jayne Avaunt

Jayne Avaunt on: FACEBOOK     TWITTER      iTUNES

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