“Runnin’ Away” Music Video for RYKKA (2017)

“Bad Boy” Music Video for RYKKA (2016)

“Bad Boy” is an Official Selection at the 18th Newport Beach Film Festival in California, April 20-27, 2017

“Movies” Music Video for RYKKA (2015)

“Shadowless” Music Video for Hannah Epperson (2015)

Behind the Scenes #1

Behind the Scenes #2

“Where Do Songs Come From” a short film for Hannah Epperson (2013)

Hannah had a unique video on her bucket list. She was required to create a “viral video” by the 2013 Peak Performance Project, for which she is in the Top 20! This is neither a music video for her song “Murder of Crows”, nor for the unreleased track “Brother” of which you get a wee taste of at the end. This is Brianne’s first directorial collaboration and it was a good ‘ol time! Follow Hannah Epperson in The Peak Performance Project. Do it! Directed by: Brianne Nord-Stewart & Hannah Epperson Story By: Hannah Epperson Cinematography by: Brianne Nord-Stewart Edited by: Brianne Nord-Stewart Hannah on: FACEBOOK      TWITTER     BANDCAMP

“Welcome to the Night” Music Video for The Autumn Portrait

A throwback to childhood and a love story, Moon Guy and Sun Girl are the background performers of this Vancouver artist’s video. But they end up stealing the show! (At least for a little while). WRITTEN & DIRECTED BY: Brianne Nord-Stewart STARRING: Sun Girl – Paula Burrows, Moon Guy – Jay Clift, Freddie Mojallal – As Himself DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY: Thomas Billingsley EDITORS: Doug Nayler, Brianne Nord-Stewart PRODUCED BY: Brianne Nord-Stewart EXECUTIVE PRODUCED BY: Freddie Mojallal The Autumn Portrait on: FACEBOOKYOUTUBE, and

“Drowning in You” Music Video for Jayne Avaunt

and a little Teaser

Jayne asked for an unconventional video that was kind of, “…well, weird”. You can look forward to everything from opera singing bartenders, to some very fishy circumstances.  We definitely let Jayne get her hands dirty on this one. Written & Directed by: Brianne Nord-Stewart Cinematography by: Thomas Billingsley Edited by: Brianne Nord-Stewart Jayne Avaunt on: FACEBOOK     TWITTER      iTUNES

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