Bot Prox (2020)

An underground rage room gives a group of out-of-work technophobes a chance to take out their grievances on a sentient robot, only for their own inhumanity to turn against them.

Directed by Brianne Nord-Stewart
Written by Riley Madincea

Lydia Campbell
Cecilly Day
Caitlin McCarthy
Peter New
Cheyenne Rouleau
& Nikolai Witschl

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2021 Newport Beach Film Festival, Newport Beach

2021 Portland Horror Film Festival, Portland

2020 Austin Film Festival, Austin

2020 July New Filmmakers LA Film Festival (NFMLA), Los Angeles


2021 Nomination, Best Short International Comedy, Best of NFMLA Awards, Los Angeles

2021 Nomination, Best Sound Design, Best of NFMLA Awards, Los Angeles

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