No Fixed Address

A dark comedy about coming of age crusty.

The series follows a family of transient crust punks as they defend their street corners and try to survive until welfare day.

Created & written by
Natalie Catherine
Directed & produced by Brianne Nord-Stewart

The end of the month often finds Vancouver’s homeless in haggard condition. Welfare cheques have been spent, “houseys” have grown tired of the constant pleas for handouts and tensions are high between the separate levels of the “homeless hierarchy”. Despite their youth, our gang – TYLER (20), DUSTY (17), BRITT (18), AARON (21), LILY (19), and their pitbull SEABASS – have slept on the sidewalks of the Lower East Side for long enough to have their own unique ways of coping until welfare day.

This coming of age story— equal parts haggard and heartwarming — was inspired by the years creator Natalie Catherine spent hopping freight trains and living “home free” among North America’s community of crust punks.

Genre: Dark Comedy, Fiction
Format: 13 x 30 Minute episodes
Platform: TV, VOD
Target Audience: Primary Market: Working class young adults with dreams lacking in action but eager to live the crusty life vicariously. M/F 19-35.

Secondary Market: Voyeurs (yuppies, culture junkies, reality TV addicts) who are morbidly captivated by the crust punk lifestyle but prefer to keep their hands (and beds) clean. M/F 20-40.

“Arlo’s Song” written and performed by Jesse Stewart in association with NO FIXED ADDRESS
Twitter @NFAtheseries


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