With Cold Tongues (2013)

With Cold TonguesThe frozen crystals of a dying caribou’s breath fall across your face. You feel the hair that grows where grass should be. 

In its final form, With Cold Tongues, is an audio piece with accompanying clay concept maquettes that showed as part of “Ten Thousand Suns”, a gallery show curated by Jeremy Jaud, held at Satellite Gallery in Vancouver, BC in September 2013.

With Cold Tongues (concept image)


With Cold Tongues was developed as a short-film adaptation of celebrated Dogrib author Richard Van Camp’s story “The Uranium Leaking From Port Radium And Rayrock Mines Is Killing Us”.  Uranium poisoning lead to the deaths of almost an entire community in Deline, Northwest Territories during and after the ore was mined for the use of the atomic bomb.

“With Cold Tongues”
Audio Piece
Artist: Brianne Nord-Stewart
Producer: Pablo Saravanja
Voice Actor: Renelta Arluk
Concept Art: Lucas Green
Clay Maquettes: Matt Aebig

“It could have been the early mist of dawn it was so silent. But there was no one to dream the dreams of sleep. This was a village of the dead. All will be left is their shadows on their homes and the whispers of a caribou.” – Story from The Book of Dene, 1976

Media Coverage:

2012 July , CBC Radio North, with Brianne Nord-Stewart & Pablo Saravanja, Yellowknife NWT
2011 Sept 30, CBC Radio North, with Brianne Nord-Stewart, Yellowknife, NWT

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