a film by Brianne Nord-Stewart

The Sandbox (2022) 5 min

The stakes couldn’t be higher for two lesbian toddler moms as they confront
the challenge of a lifetime: move a sand pile into a sand box.


Shit Sponge (2021) 5:30 min

A budding hotel manager must evict one of the world’s most notoriously volatile party girls.

a film by Brianne Nord-Stewart

Bot Prox (2020) 5:30 min

An underground rage room gives a group of out-of-work technophobes a chance to take out their grievances on a sentient robot, only for their own inhumanity to turn against them.

Beat Around the Bush

Beat Around the Bush (2016) 12:30 min

A 75-year-old widow with Alzheimer’s decides it’s time to have her very first orgasm ever. (It takes a few tries).

Billy Crystal Fills the Silence

Billy Crystal Fills the Silence (2014) 1 min

A visitor reflects on the minutiae of tourism vs war tourism.

The Provider (2011) 8:30 min

In a small town in 1940′s America, the local doctor’s home would be the safest place to seek refuge. Or is it?

Trolls (2009) 7 min.

There comes a time in every kid’s life when they realize their parents are up to more than just “cleaning” their room.

Why I Fired My Secretary (2008) 8:30 min

George is living the Dream. Or at least he was. Divorced and neglected by his kids, he discovers he has only one person left. His secretary.

Why I Bought a Bike (2008) 3:30 min

Sex education teaches the road map of female anatomy, but not the vegetation.

return (2006) 3:30 min

Two writers fall in love with the fictitious characters they are writing. Each manifests the other and blurs the lines between fantasy and reality.

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