Why I Bought a Bike (2008)

Written & Directed By: Brianne Nord-Stewart


Sex education teaches the road map of female anatomy, but not the vegetation. A first-time sexual encounter is burdened with the pressures of expectation and the unknown. She: slightly more experienced. The sweat building on his palms are the least of his worries. Edmonton Int’l & Victoria Film Festival.

Why I Bought a Bike (2008) 3 min. 30 sec.


Starring: Evan Dowling & Nicola Germaine

Director of Photography: Anna Vera-Dudas
Editor: Brianne Nord-Stewart
Produced at: Victorian College of the Arts, Melbourne, AU


2011      Bike Smut Film Festival, Vancouver, BC
2011      Bike Smut Film Festival, TOUR – 165 screenings in 20 different countries.
2010     4: Play, Portland, OR
2010     Victoria Film Festival, Victoria, BC
2009     Edmonton International Film Festival, Edmonton, AB



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