Why I Fired My Secretary (2008)

Written & Directed By: Brianne Nord-Stewart

Why I Fired My Secretary (2008) 8 min. 30 sec.


George is living the Dream. Or at least he was. Now divorced, George finds himself alone at the office. Suddenly his kids don’t call and his colleagues don’t need him and George realizes there is only one person left – his secretary.

Starring: David, Pidd, Marguerite Tierney & Syd Brisbane
Director of Photography: Jordan Prosser
Editor: Brianne Nord-Stewart
Produced at: Victorian College of the Arts, Melbourne, AU



2009 Edmonton International Film Festival, Edmonton, AB
2009 40 + 8 Hours of Food & Flicks, Grace Gallery, Vancouver, BC
2009 Arthur Hiller Film Festival, Edmonton, AB
2009 Dungog Film Festival, Sydney, AU

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