Here’s how to help The Dangers of Online Dating win $1M and a distribution deal!

Hello to the wonderful folks who check out my website news feed. The time is NOW!
You wanted to see some of The Dangers of Online Dating?

Well for now, you get two minutes of it in as a trailer for DOOD as a feature film, which we are competing with as part of the CineCoup Film Accelerator. The Prize? ONE MILLION DOLLARS and a distribution deal with Cineplex.

Here’s the deal.

We (Team DOOD) have an extremely good chance to earn this funding. We say earn because we are proving the value of the project by showing there is a real audience ($$) that exists and will buy the finished film. This is money in the bank to a potential development partner. We also say earn because this is going to be work. Myself aka Brianne Nord-Stewart (Director/Writer), Benjamin Larose (Writer), and Corey Tracey (Producer) will be working our asses off over the next couple weeks and we will need YOU.

The Cinecoup Accelerator relies largely on social measurements. We need to build a social conversation and sustain it for 8weeks (Now 7 weeks more!). This is going to be critical.

Here are a few pointers:

    • please sign into the page with your Facebook account and rate the trailer with 10 stars. There are some teams deliberately rating their competition with 1star to try and offset really great ratings. So we need to make sure that we get as many 10 star ratings as possible.
      • please get your friends and families to do the same thing!
    • complete the CineCoup Fan Missions. These missions will allow you extra votes in the upcoming rounds. These missions include adding 5 movies to your watch list, connecting a twitter account, etc.
      • please get your friends and families to do the same thing!
    • follow @DOODtheMovie on twitter and tweet your support. Add the #dood hashtag and make sure you also add the @doodthemovie address. Retweet as many of our tweets as possible to make sure we reach a broad an audience.
      • please get your friends and families to do the same thing!
    • Facebook. Follow the FB page. Share the posts on your own timeline and like the posts to keep them active. Facebook has a smart algorithm that hides content posts that ppl are not talking about. So we need to make sure that there is legitimate conversation about our posts to keep them active – so that they do show up at the top of the timeline feed.
      • please get your friends and families to do the same thing!

Every week there will be a new challenge or Mission set out for the team. We will need your support, and we will definitely need you to follow the above steps each week.

We are currently TRENDING, which means that we are one of the top projects people are currently talking about. We need to keep it this way! That happens when people continue to comment and interact with the CineCoup page primarily. So keep up the good work commenting on the missions and challenges as they happen. Stay connected.

Oh and about that trailer…

Thank you to all of the amazing people who contributed to this project getting made before I even knew that this competition existed!

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