I want to direct #PEN15show

A couple years ago I met a lovely English fellow at a film festival where I was showing my short BEAT AROUND THE BUSH. Said fellow had missed my screening but really, really, (REALLY), wanted to see it. So he said “I will bribe you by giving you this super secret pilot presentation link to a Hulu show called PEN15 that isn’t out yet”.

Well, that 17 minute pilot presentation was my freaking jam. I probably watched it 47 times (or more, let’s be honest).

This past February the entire first season was released complete with an episode about the main characters Maya & Anna – played by the 31-year-old co-creators – coming into possession of a thong. And oh bejeezus, it made me want to find the photo of one Jaime North in grade seven with me at the La Senza holding up one 100% cotton red thong. You bet your booty I bought it and wore that baby with so much ‘tude. 🍑

Instead of just finding the photo album, I digitized the Hi8 1999-2000 video archives of my youth. Here is my love letter/pitch video to the PEN15 team.

Watch my pitch!

If you haven’t watched season one yet, get on it! It’s been nominated for the Emmy’s. In Canada you can watch on CBC Gem. In the US it’s on Hulu. In other countries – I DON’T FREAKING KNOW. Ask Google.

Watch the PEN15 season 1 trailer ↑

I have a summer teen movie I’m supposed to be writing.

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