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The Provider at Zinema Zombie Fest

Score another point for The Provider! I am pleased to announce that the Zinema Zombie Fest (ZZF) will be screening my short, The Provider, on November 22nd, 2012 in Botoga, Columbia.

For more information about the ZZF click here.

NEW MUSIC VIDEO! For Sophia Danai’s, “Let me Ruin Your Life”

I’m super happy to say the the video I shot last year for Sophia Danai‘s song “Let me Ruin Your Life” is now on the MUSIC VIDEO page for your viewing. Currently there is a password on the video but its listed right below.

Another 48 Hour Film Completed! Kryshan Randel’s SEASICK

This weekend was so crazy! I had the fortune of being the Editor and Co-writer of Kryshan Randel‘s team for the 2012 Bloodshots Canada 48 Hour Horror Filmmaking Contest!

The short film we made is called, SEASICK which you can view and share online for a limited time! Check it out on the Bloodshots website.

Please support us by voting for this film by clicking the red “VOTE” button at the right hand corner of the page and then share the link with your friends! Voting starts RIGHT NOW and ends on Monday, Oct 29 at 7pm.

Please spread the word to everyone to help by voting for our film! If we get enough votes, we will win the Audience Choice Award and be eligible for the Grand Jury Prize, which is judged by George Romero, director of the Night Of the Living Dead trilogy! There are other awards too for things like: Best Film, Best Script, Best Makeup, Best Death, Best Cinematography, Best Art Direction, Best Original Score, and more.

I won the Bloodshots Best Film and Grand Prize Awards in 2010 with my short THE PROVIDER, and Kryshan has won more than one Grand Prize throughout the years as well!

The screening and awards info will be on Hallowe’en (Wednesday, Oct 31) at 7pm, at the Rio Theatre 1660 E. Broadway @ Commercial Drive. If you’re interested in attending tickets are sold at

I will keep you posted on the results.

Thank you all so much for your support!

“Why I Bought a Bike” for your viewing pleasure on NSI Online and in Portland, OR!

I am so happy to have my film programmed by the institution that is the Canadian National Screen Institute

“Why I Bought a Bike”, was my second short film which was produced while attending the renowned Victoria College of the Arts in Melbourne, Australia . The VCA had a huge impact on my growth as a filmmaker and this film was a stepping stone on the way to “Why I Fired My Secretary”, which will be featured by NSI next week, and then “Trolls” which has been much talked about and widely screened around the world (we may have picked up a few awards and nominations along the way too!)

Thank you for your support everyone! CLICK TO WATCH THE ENTIRE FILM!

You can also catch “Why I Bought a Bike”, at the Clinton Street Theatre on Friday the 17th of February, in Portland, Oregon.  It will be part of the Mini Bike Winter festival and will be totally free! Please tell everyone who will be around to check it out. It will also be our final (planned) screening of ‘The Orgasm Trail’ program, which includes both 4:play and 5:speed.

Coming to a Computer Screen Near You! My films at the NSI Online Short Film Festival

Often people ask me, “Where can I see your films?”.  I usually pause, half embarrassed and half frustrated, which leads to the following question “Are they online?” or “I’ll look you up on YouTube”. Which then leads to my explanation that unfortunately, due to the nature of film festival and broadcast regulations and agreements that I actually have to prevent the public from watching my films online whenever they want because then I would be making myself ineligible for Festivals, or in a lot of trouble from my distributors.

It’s counter intuitive to think that emerging filmmakers who just want anyone and everyone to watch their films, in hopes that they become a smash success and lead to a lifelong career of filmmaking, actually spend more time trying to prevent their precious password protected links from being published on the web for a global audience. This is to protect the exclusivity that an “Official Selection” by a festival holds. It can be frustrating as a filmmaker to go to all that work making the most amazing film only to try really hard to not let anyone see it.

That said, I am grateful to have had my films screened by many festivals around the world, but also thrilled that two of my films have been selected by the National Screen Institute of Canada for the Online Short Film Festival. By next week you can be watching the first installment of what I refer to as “The Sex Ones”, ie/ Why I Bought a Bike (2008) and the following week the second installment Why I Fired My Secretary (2008) on your very own computer screen – or someone else’s if you prefer. Don’t get too excited, you may be thinking “porn” when you read “sex” and “film” in the same sentence, but these two films are PG and more along the lines of hearing your parents talk about their sex lives – and I find it fascinating. Don’t get scared off. The programmers of the Edmonton International Film Festival, the Victoria Film Festival, the Dungog Film Festival, and more, all thought both films were worthy of their exclusive audiences.

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