“Why I Bought a Bike” for your viewing pleasure on NSI Online and in Portland, OR!

I am so happy to have my film programmed by the institution that is the Canadian National Screen Institute

“Why I Bought a Bike”, was my second short film which was produced while attending the renowned Victoria College of the Arts in Melbourne, Australia . The VCA had a huge impact on my growth as a filmmaker and this film was a stepping stone on the way to “Why I Fired My Secretary”, which will be featured by NSI next week, and then “Trolls” which has been much talked about and widely screened around the world (we may have picked up a few awards and nominations along the way too!)

Thank you for your support everyone! CLICK TO WATCH THE ENTIRE FILM!

You can also catch “Why I Bought a Bike”, at the Clinton Street Theatre on Friday the 17th of February, in Portland, Oregon.  It will be part of the Mini Bike Winter festival and will be totally free! Please tell everyone who will be around to check it out. It will also be our final (planned) screening of ‘The Orgasm Trail’ program, which includes both 4:play and 5:speed.

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