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Season 1 & 2 of “The Dangers of Online Dating” are all up online and on Telus Optik VOD

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The cast (and some crew!) at the launch party and screening of “The Dangers of Online Dating” in Vancouver, BC at The Penthouse November 23, 2017. (L to R: Stacy Mahieux, Paula Burrows, Brianne Nord-Stewart (creator/writer/director), Peter New, Byron Noble, Natalie Catherine, Sierra Pitkin)

To whomever is reading this, thank you for taking the time!

Whether you’re here to (fingers crossed) vet me for a job, check out some of my award-winning work (😉), or maybe we’ve gone on or about to go on a date and you’re cyber stalking me (well done, but please stop) thanks a million for hanging out long enough to read this sentence.

The last year was really all about getting my original digital series, THE DANGERS OF ONLINE DATING, written, produced, edited, delivered, and finally, launched into the ether that is the internet. Wow.

Well, I did it. The show is out (WATCH IT). Ready to be consumed (WATCH IT). It’s done (Did I mention you should WATCH IT). And I have already started releasing the companion sex education series, “SEX, With Paula“. There are 9 episodes of #DOODtheseries (WATCH IT)(use this hashtag!) and soon to be 9 episodes of #SEXwithPaula (this one too!) out as well, AND we’re going to continue releasing new episodes of the latter until we cannot possibly anymore.


There are a few people that I absolutely need to thank.

First to the cast and crew of season one, which we started filming in 2012 (yes, really). To Paula, Stacy, and Byron, thank you so much for coming on board back then, and for still being committed 5 years and 2 provinces later! To our very tiny and committed crew, thank you for your countless (or few) volunteer hours on what was this little idea I had.

And then to Telus Optik and the Storyhive team. There in all likelihood would not be a season 2 without you. And definitely not a season 2 like this. And to Creative BC for that little bit extra. So…THANK YOU FOR ALL THE 💰 💰 💰💰 !

To the season 2 team…Season 2 was achieved with a great many more people, more crew, more cast, more locations – more everything – and all of those logistics were being planned and re-planned by my line producer James Hutchison. He’s the shit. (Don’t even think about poaching him.) To the new cast who came in and have been all about the show, I THANK YOU!

So what am I doing next? The question of the day, month, year, hour, minute, second…

Well, today I did some life stuff and laid on the couch and watched “Julie & Julia” because I needed Nora Ephron’s magic, and was subsequently inspired to write a new blog post (the film is about a writer writing a blog…)

Next up is re-writing a half hour pilot for THE DANGERS OF ONLINE DATING, re-writing my feature, writing a one-hour original, and pitching other web/series content that that I’ve been developing with other writers. I want to direct my first feature, and then my second. I want to get that first episodic gig, and then my second. And then I’m sailing.

Literally. I’m getting on a boat and sailing around the Cook Islands.

So please, watch the freaking show.

And follow along on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook (@DOODtheseries)

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“Beat Around the Bush” WINS the Broad Humor Film Festival with Best Short!

brenda matthews, beat around the bush, short film, brianne nord-StewartThis news could not have come on a more needed day.

BEAT AROUND THE BUSH won Best Short at the 12th Broad Humor Film Festival in Venice, California!

I think it can now be an official fact that whenever I am unable to attend a festival, we win an award. Basically, I should never travel and we’ll do really well!

Thank you to the festival for giving our film the recognition! And to all the below winners, congrats!


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Watch the NO FIXED ADDRESS concept teaser

The ‪#‎NFA‬ team is proud to present the proof-of-concept teaser for NO FIXED ADDRESS: A dark comedy web-series which follows a family of transient crust punks as they defend their street corners, exploit drop-in centres, and try to survive ‘til welfare day.

What are you waiting for!? LIKE/SHARE this damn post with all your pals and most importantly VIEW the #NFA teaser so that we can get funded, baby!

Also stay tuned for the upcoming live performance videos from folk punk musicians Jesse Stewart (Trailer Park Boys) and Skum Shine!


IG: @NFAtheseries
Twitter: @NFAtheseries



for an original dark comedy web-series, NO FIXED ADDRESS, which follows a band of transient punks and as they defend their street corners, exploit drop-in centres, and try to survive ‘til welfare day.

Currently CASTING the five leads roles and are open to those with experience and without. We are specifically interested in individuals with existing tattoos, and piercings.


The FIRST ROUND of auditions will be held Tuesday November 17th and Wednesday November 18th in the afternoon in Vancouver, BC.


  • Name & age
  • E-mail & phone number
  • Headshot & everyday dressed down picture
  • Actor CV if you have it
  • Preference of Nov 17th or 18th for your audition

You will be contacted with a time and location.

Thank you for your interest in auditioning for NO FIXED ADDRESS.

YOUNG & RECKLESS web-series gets financed!

12185522_396024327257724_1545506164691023754_oWe’re friggen FUNDED baby!

I am stoked to announce that I am the director/producer of a new comedy webseries, Young & Reckless, which has been funded with the support of TELUS Optik Local.

Young & Reckless is a comedy web-series that follows slacker, Devon Young, who has found the woman of his dreams. But to win her heart, he’ll have to babysit her 13-year-old daughter from hell.

“Young & Reckless” is co-created/written by Andrea Shawcross, and stars co-creator, Devon Ferguson, and Sierra Pitkin (the audacious actor from my short “Trolls” the Movie)!

Follow all the action on Twitter at @YnRtheseries @bnordstewart @ideababybaby @devon_ferguson

“Beat Around the Bush” the feature film

Over a year ago I was awarded the Harold Greenberg Fund’s Shorts-to-Features Award for “Beat Around the Bush” which included production financing for a short film (which is complete and being submitted to film festivals) and 1st draft development financing for a feature film.

Talk about awesome.

Yesterday, October 15, 2015, I handed in the completed first draft to Harold Greenberg Fund! I feel great about it! I look forward to next week when I decide it’s all wrong (it’s not, it’s awesome and will only get better) and then apply for 2nd draft financing. And then we wait.


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