Gonna cruise some hotties in Newport Beach with BEAT AROUND THE BUSH

Newport-Beach-Film-FestivalAnd the good news keeps coming. Beat Around the Bush is headed to California for the Newport Beach Film Festival (April 21-28th, 2016) and I’ll be in attendance.

“The Newport Beach Film Festival seeks to bring to Orange County the best of classic and contemporary filmmaking from around the world. Committed to enlightening the public with a first-class international film program as well as providing a forum for cultural understanding and enriching educational opportunities, the Festival focuses on showcasing a diverse collection of both studio and independent films.”

Beat Around the Bush, is screening as part of the program Down Her Shorts‘ on April 22, 2016 at 8:30 PM in The Triangle 1. BUY TICKETS

The shorts in this hilariously title program are:

‘Cherry Cake’ directed by Colin Gerrard
‘Sleep Incidents (Sömnincidenter)’ directed by Malin Erixon
‘Tetched’ directed by Sanjin Malesevic
‘Moms On Fire’ directed by Joanna Rytel
‘Beat Around the Bush’ directed by Brianne Nord-Stewart
‘Subordinate’ directed by Clara Leac
‘After the End’ directed by Sam Southward


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3 thoughts on “Gonna cruise some hotties in Newport Beach with BEAT AROUND THE BUSH

  1. Director says:

    ”Sleep Incidents” is directed by Malin Erixon (girl).
    ”Moms on Fire” is directed by Joanna Rytel (also a girl).

    Just saying…

    Best wishes

    • bnordstewart says:

      Hey! Thanks for the correction. That’s the list the festival sent me so they must have made a mistake on the director names. I thought it was interesting they had two films from the same director. Apparently just bad information. I have corrected.

      • Director says:

        No problem! I just reacted (like you) on the fact that there was such an over representation of male directors in this particular program! 🙂 Best wishes

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