BEAT AROUND THE BUSH is going to Dawson

If you know me, or stalk my work even just a little bit, you likely know that I have a love affair with the North. Which makes me all the more giddy about Beat Around the Bush being officially selected by the Dawson City International Short Film Festival in the Yukon Territory of Canada’s Great White North (it’s not really white in Dawson this year though).

This year’s festival runs March 24th-27th and thanks to the good ‘ol Yukon, I will be travelling north to be in attendance for the festival!

What’s more is that Brenda Matthews who stars as UNA will be travelling up there with me to assist with a directing/editing/working with actors workshop taking place at 11AM on Sunday March 27th, 2016.

Beat Around the Bush will play in the 8pm program on Sunday March 27th in the closing program followed by the awards.

Directing and Editing for Drama DCISFF

*Don’t worry Yellowknife, you are still my #1 Northern City!

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