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Wait for it.

Byron Noble, Paula Burrows, Actor, actress

Actors Paula Burrows & Byron Noble at the Vancouver International Film Festival 2016 opening gala.

The Dangers of Online Dating will get it’s long overdue public release along with 5 shiny new episodes that have yet to go to camera.

Thanks to Telus Optik Local, and their Community Programming Grant, who are financing the new content and will be distributing it on their video on demand platform as well as their online channels.

The shows lead actors Paula Burrows and Byron Noble celebrated Telus’ announcement of the funds last week by heading to the opening gala of the 2016 Vancouver International Film Festival. The Dangers of Online Dating also co-stars Stacey Mahieux.

The show’s launch date is yet to be determined but will happen in 2017.

Keep up to date on the socials.

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Someone else wrote a blog about me

(But mostly, I wrote her blog post about me)

styling_stories_stephanie_hallIt’s cool though because we (Stephanie Hall and I ) were put in touch through a Vancouver online Forum called “Girl Gang” and, as a Creative Writer + Online Marketing Specialist, Stephanie asked the group to participate in an interview to share what it is we do all day with the world.

CLICK HERE to read my post.

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Watch the NO FIXED ADDRESS concept teaser

The ‪#‎NFA‬ team is proud to present the proof-of-concept teaser for NO FIXED ADDRESS: A dark comedy web-series which follows a family of transient crust punks as they defend their street corners, exploit drop-in centres, and try to survive ‘til welfare day.

What are you waiting for!? LIKE/SHARE this damn post with all your pals and most importantly VIEW the #NFA teaser so that we can get funded, baby!

Also stay tuned for the upcoming live performance videos from folk punk musicians Jesse Stewart (Trailer Park Boys) and Skum Shine!


IG: @NFAtheseries
Twitter: @NFAtheseries

I’m apprenticing on the new Disney Show, MTX!


2016 is getting off to a great start. Nord-Stewart Productions Inc. is now official, the Telus funded web series YOUNG & RECKLESS is coming along and will begin production in March 2016 and you can expect to see it on a screen near you in July 2016 if not sooner.

I’ve also had the very fortunate opportunity to be a part of a director’s apprenticeship program on the new Disney show, MTX! – a live-action adventure comedy – produced with Vancouver’s Omnifilm Entertainment with hometown success, Zach Lipovsky producing and directing.

Brianne at the director’s monitor on the set of “Beat Around the Bush” (2014)

MTX! centers on Ryan (Potvin), a 14-year-old boy with the extraordinary ability to control technology with his mind – technopathy. After his secret power is revealed, he quickly learns that monsters have just been sent to destroy the city by an evil corporation. With danger looming, the only thing that can protect the citizens of Bay City is MTX, a 120-foot robot that only Ryan has the ability to control.

I will be shadowing the director for a month starting next week on both the pilot and episode two of the new series. A great warm up before we start shooting both web series YOUNG & RECKLESS and NO FIXED ADDRESS.

A huge shout out to talented LA-based, Canadian writer, Marilyn Thomas for recommending me as an up-and-comer ready to get into TV. And a shout out to Zach and Omni for championing this apprenticeship program that is geared towards female directors.




for an original dark comedy web-series, NO FIXED ADDRESS, which follows a band of transient punks and as they defend their street corners, exploit drop-in centres, and try to survive ‘til welfare day.

Currently CASTING the five leads roles and are open to those with experience and without. We are specifically interested in individuals with existing tattoos, and piercings.


The FIRST ROUND of auditions will be held Tuesday November 17th and Wednesday November 18th in the afternoon in Vancouver, BC.


  • Name & age
  • E-mail & phone number
  • Headshot & everyday dressed down picture
  • Actor CV if you have it
  • Preference of Nov 17th or 18th for your audition

You will be contacted with a time and location.

Thank you for your interest in auditioning for NO FIXED ADDRESS.

Want to see The Dangers of Online Dating on primetime TV?

The time to vote isn’t now, but you can watch, comment and rate to earn votes to pick who you think should have A MOTHER FREAKING HALF HOUR COMEDY SHOW ON CBC!

That’s right. A minimum $500K for a half hour comedy pilot, and who knows, they may order more right out of the gate!

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Playing the part of a shadow…director

As of Tuesday this week, I am shadowing Allan Arkush, Executive Producer, and director (Heroes, Crossing Jordan, Ally McBealDawson’s CreekCaddy Shack II) of the Lifetime Network dramatic TV series, The Witches of East End, which stars Julia Ormond (The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Mad Men, Legends of the Fall) and Jenna Dewan-Tatum (Step UpTake the Lead).

I can’t disclose anything about what I’ve actually been doing as the episode I’m shadowing is the FINALE! (Not that I could say anything for any other episode…) But just know that it is happening, I’m learning a lot, and I see directing television in my near future. I will be shadowing Allan until the end of August and I am stoked to see it all come together.

Allan is a wealth of information. I can’t even express my gratitude to him for the offer to have me shadow him. It is true: I have horseshoes.

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Music videos, Women in the Director’s Chair, and FARGO

A lot has happened in the last month.

I returned to Vancouver from a week of meetings in Toronto, to shoot a music video within a few days of arriving, to then prep for and take a 10 day workshop as one of 8 directors in the Women in the Director’s Chair (WIDC) Story Incubation module 2.0 (where I workshopped a feature I am slated to direct), only to fly out to Calgary the day the workshop finished to begin my first ever job on a union TV show (FARGO) as none other than the flashiest of jobs…The Camera Trainee.

The music video:

Amy Belling (DOP), Hannah Epperson (Musician), Brianne Nord-Stewart

Amy Belling (DOP), Hannah Epperson (Musician), Brianne Nord-Stewart

Was a success. It is in the editing room right now. Being left to percolate as I make not very good money running batteries and cable while Calgary is determined to stay in Winter. It is a blizzard outside.


I didn’t really take any pictures except for this one.

The view from our farewell brunch at WIDC 2014

The view from our farewell brunch at WIDC 2014

I learned a lot. So much my mind was overflowing with information and ideas and some…feelings. Hence the needed brain break which made winter in Calgary sound very appealing. I am glad I am here though.

I do have a couple of cool bosses.

2nd Unit all the way.

Schane (1st AC) and Mark (2nd AC) - Camera Department

Schane (1st AC) and Mark (2nd AC) – Camera Department

And then on top of that, I just used my day off to whip together a video pitch and application package for my short COUGARS CRUISING, to finally get made. Here’s hoping Optik TV’s Story Hive grants are stoked on the idea of COUGARS CRUISING, an adventure dramedy that follows Una, who when diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, will stop at nothing to find her orgasm for the very first time!

Screen Shot 2014-03-30 at 2.50.32 PM

"Living Sculptures" as they were called on the set of the "Drowning in You" music video.

AND THEN…A music video I directed in Fall 2013 was released. Read all about that HERE.

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