I’m apprenticing on the new Disney Show, MTX!


2016 is getting off to a great start. Nord-Stewart Productions Inc. is now official, the Telus funded web series YOUNG & RECKLESS is coming along and will begin production in March 2016 and you can expect to see it on a screen near you in July 2016 if not sooner.

I’ve also had the very fortunate opportunity to be a part of a director’s apprenticeship program on the new Disney show, MTX! – a live-action adventure comedy – produced with Vancouver’s Omnifilm Entertainment with hometown success, Zach Lipovsky producing and directing.

Brianne at the director’s monitor on the set of “Beat Around the Bush” (2014)

MTX! centers on Ryan (Potvin), a 14-year-old boy with the extraordinary ability to control technology with his mind – technopathy. After his secret power is revealed, he quickly learns that monsters have just been sent to destroy the city by an evil corporation. With danger looming, the only thing that can protect the citizens of Bay City is MTX, a 120-foot robot that only Ryan has the ability to control.

I will be shadowing the director for a month starting next week on both the pilot and episode two of the new series. A great warm up before we start shooting both web series YOUNG & RECKLESS and NO FIXED ADDRESS.

A huge shout out to talented LA-based, Canadian writer, Marilyn Thomas for recommending me as an up-and-comer ready to get into TV. And a shout out to Zach and Omni for championing this apprenticeship program that is geared towards female directors.

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