The Brits better love us (We know they will)

BEAT AROUND THE BUSH has been Officially Selected by Hothouse Theatre’s Nottingham Film Festival in – you guessed it – Nottingham, England.

I strong armed my way into this tiny first year festival. Why? Because my good bud Spike (I am refraining from using the crass terms of endearment that we usually call each other) is from “Notts”, and his parents have been asking for almost two years when the film will be done, and when they can see it. So they bloody well not go on vacation the day it screens.

Things I just (re)learned while researching what informative anecdotes I can write in this post.

  • Nottingham is home to Robin Hood’s adventures: Sherwood Forest. (…We’re men in tights, tights, tights!)
  • Nottingham’s motto is ‘virtue outlives death’.

I’m pretty sure there’s some joke to be made about UNA’s virtue, and her desire to tarnish it by polishing her pearl before kicking the bucket.

18 months ago the Sqweel 2's arrived while I was sipping coffee out of my UNT mug which Spike gifted me the previous birthday.

18 months ago, the Sqweel 2’s arrived in the nick of time for our shoot, while I sipped coffee out of my UNT mug (a birthday gift from Spike from Notts).

This fest offers 8 categories of awards for short films (fingers crossed):

Best Fictional Film
Best Factual Film
Best Young Person’s Film
Best Music Film
Best Animated Film
Best Advert or Trailer
Best Artistic Film
Best Foreign Film

Screening Details: 

Selection  D Between 4:30 and 5:30 pm, Saturday 11th June 2016

in The Space at The Nottingham Contemporary, NG1 2GB



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