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The comedic short, “Trolls” Finally available for streaming online!


Well it has been a long time waiting.  My short film “Trolls”, a comedy about two young kids trying to navigate and define was “doing it” really means, is available online at the National Screen Institute Online Film Festival. Released to film festival audiences around the world in 2009, then distributed for TV and VOD broadcast ever since, “Trolls” is a film that launched me into the world as a comedic writer/director/producer/editor. I am still doing all of those things, and I am still making comedy.

The NSI Online Film Festival offers three awards to the film programmes quarterly: Best Film, Best Comedy, and the Fearless Female Director Award. “Trolls” is eligible to win all three. These are cash awards with the smallest being $500, and the largest at $2500.

Thanks to everyone who watched then, and to those who will share it now.

Head to the NSI site HERE, and watch the film for FREE! Leave a comment at the bottom of that page too!

Trolls (2009) 7 min.

Trolls (2009) 7 min.

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