Getting into sweet sweet JAMZ

2013-08-10 19.30.22-croppedAlmost two years ago now I said I was going to get into music videos. I did two, which you can watch by clicking HERE, and then moved on to other projects. I have since come back around to the music world, and with a different mindset. Whatever it is that is different, I think this musical mindset is here to stick.

In the last two months I had the pleasure of filming my friend and singer/songwriter, Cayley Thomas, in studio while recording her first EP, Ash Mountains. Here’s a little teaser clip to wet your palette.

And just because you are so intrigued, an in studio video for Cayley’s song “Blue Summer”

You can expect one more studio video form Cayley to be released  in the near future.

Another talented songstress, BC’s own Hannah Epperson, and I have been busily working on a video concept as part of her participation in the Top 20 of the 2013 Peak Performance Project, which could see her winning $102,700! I’m personally vying for the job to direct a video for an unreleased song. Hint Hint.

I didn’t create this video of Hannah’s, but I definitely have watched and listened to it near 500 times throughout the process of falling in love with her music, becoming and personal friend, and falling even more in love with her music. Stay tuned for behind the scenes performance videos of Hannah at the 2013 Dawson City Music Festival, AND her #PPP2013 viral video.

There are 2 more artists/bands that I am developing music video/series concepts with, and not wanting to have a knock on wood situation on my hands, I’ll be keeping that information to myself for the time being.

Certainly not least of all, but a last minute surprise, was getting to meet a man of many many talents, Xavier Rudd. At the Seawheeze Sunset Festival last past weekend, I was carrying around a very large camera and walked myself right on stage to capture this impromptu performance of Spirit Bird after Ryan Leier taught a yoga class to a few thousand people.

This performance carried a lot of weight in so very many ways. For Ryan and his partner Caitlin who, are sitting onstage, this song was in dedication of their daughter Thora Grace (2013-2013).

I do love music, I do love meeting musicians, and of course, I love filmmaking. It is safe to say that there will be more music videos, and live and in studio performance videos to come.  As such, I have added a “Live & Studio Performances” page to check out!

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