I am happy to announce that SEASICK, which I edited and co-wrote with director, Kryshan Randel, won BEST ACTING at the Rio Theatre for the Bloodshots 48 Hour Horror Filmmaking Competition screening last night! Thank you all so much for your support and participation in this contest.

Congrats to our cast, Marsha Regis, Marina Pasques, Billy Marchenski and Gili Roskies, for earning free headshots for themselves from Wendy D.

There will be more updates coming soon. The film looked and sounded great at the screening and audience reaction was appropriately enthusiastic about the horror.

Here are the three finalists that will be considered for the $1000 grand prize:

Jury Award for Best Film: “Tender Threads” by Team Failure
In-house Audience Award for Best Film: “Chishio” by Masters of the Universe
Online Audience Award for Best Film: “Fidelium” by Borrowtime Productions

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