In addition to titles in the FILMS and MUSIC VIDEOS sections, the following are projects with Brianne Nord-Stewart in the sole role of Editor.

Seasick (2012) 5 min.

Director: Kryshan Randel
Writers: Brianne Nord-Stewart & Kryshan Randel
Producer: Diana Donaldson, Stephen Stubbs, & Cole Hewlett
A fear counsellor avenges her drowning death from a previous lifetime, by luring her killer onto a boat and transforming him into a human aquarium. Written, Shot and Edited in 48 Hours for Bloodshots Canada 2012 .

Complexity  (2011) 87 min.

Writer & Director: Adam Bogoch
Producer: Mattie Shisko
“Complexity” follows a young woman stuck in a place of complete uncertainty. When she meets Scott, a man who will turn her world upside down and make her question her decisions, things turn from bad to worse. Vancouver Jewish Film Festival, Feel Good Film Festival, Best Actors (in a) Film Festival
Website, Trailer, IMDB

Stupid Chainsaw Tricks(2010) 9 min. 17 sec.

Director: Kellie Ann Benz
Writer: Kris Elgstrand
Producer: Christopher Shyer
Facing yet another disappointing birthday, Karl inspires his friend Ted, to realize the possibility of immortality through chainsaws. Crazy8s Short Filmmaking Competition
Watch the film, IMDB

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